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How to use Canva Connect for Shopify
How to use Canva Connect for Shopify
Updated over a week ago

The Canva Connect for Shopify makes it easy to add your product and collection images to the designs you create in Canva. No need to download and upload images. Plus, you can export Canva designs directly back to Shopify!

This app is in development and not yet publicly available. Please contact Seguno Support to be notified when it becomes available.

Install the Canva Connect app into your Shopify account and the corresponding Shopify Connect app into your Canva account. Then, follow the instructions below after opening the Shopify Connect app within Canva:

  1. You can try the demo store, but click the Connect your store button to get started.

  2. Click the Connect button and paste your authorization code, which can be found and copied from inside the Canva Connect app in Shopify, into the form that pops up. Then, submit the form.

  3. You can now search your products and collections within Canva and drag your titles, images, and videos right into your Canva designs.

  4. After clicking on a product, you can click the Export design to product button to save the image(s) back to Shopify. The same works for a collection.

  5. To sign out or connect to another store, click on the store name at the bottom of the app sidebar. Each store will need the Canva Connect app installed within its Shopify account.

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