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Display multiple announcements in a banner
Display multiple announcements in a banner

Display up to five messages with Dynamic Banner Suite.

Updated over a week ago

The announcement banner type supports up to five messages. Each message will be displayed for the number of seconds specified in the Display timer length setting. After the last message is displayed, the messages will start back at the beginning and loop indefinitely.

To display multiple announcements in a banner:

  1. Select Announcement from the Active banner types

  2. Set up the first message

  3. Click the Add message button at the bottom of the first message

  4. Edit the length of time each message will be displayed in the Display timer length section

Preview the banner at the top of the page. Use the preview dropdown to view the looping banner or a specific message.

Warning: You can only have one banner type live on your storefront at a time, but the Announcement banner type allows you to cycle through multiple messages.

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