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Create a dynamic discount tier
Create a dynamic discount tier

Showcase tiered discounts based on the customer's cart.

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Using discount tiers, you can encourage shoppers to save more by spending more. Discount tiers allow you to show banner messages based on the value of the customer's cart.

How do dynamic tiers work?

By setting up a dynamic tier discount banner, customers are shown an updated banner message as they move to the next tier by adding more products to their cart. Once all tiers have been reached, the Minimum reached message will be displayed in the banner.

For example, if your first tier discount has a minimum of $50 and your second tier discount has a minimum of $100, the customer will have earned the first tier once they have at least $50 in their cart. At that point, they'll be shown the minimum remaining message for the second tier until they reach the next tier minimum of $100.

Create a dynamic tier discount banner

Dynamic tiers start based on an existing Shopify discount code that has a subtotal minimum defined.

To create a dynamic tier discount banner:

  1. Select Discount from the banner types

  2. Enter a Shopify discount code in the Discount code textfield

    1. The discount code must have a subtotal minimum defined in Shopify

  3. Select Dynamic with tiers from the message types

  4. Optional: Select the Auto-apply discount checkbox to automatically apply the correct tier code at checkout.

  5. Click the Add tier button to add a new tier

  6. Enter the values and messages for the next tier's discount

    1. Ensure the new tier has a higher minimum value than the previous tier

  7. Optional: Repeat steps 5 and 6 to create more tiers

  8. Click Save

    1. When you click Save, any tiers you created in the app will be created in Shopify's discounts automatically if they don't already exist. These new discounts will have all other discount settings matching the first tier's discount code, including eligibility and entitled products.

    2. For existing discounts entered into a tier, the subtotal minimums and amounts will be modified to match the values you've entered, but no other modifications will be made to the discount code.

Use the Preview dropdown at the top of the page to view the different discount tiers in the banner.

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