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Why did I receive an incorrect number of codes?
Why did I receive an incorrect number of codes?

Troubleshooting more or fewer codes than requested.

Updated over a week ago

While it is uncommon to receive a different number of codes than requested, there may be times when you receive an incorrect number of codes.

Received more codes than requested

Bulk Discount Code Bot uses Shopify's API to generate the requested number of unique codes. Occasionally, there is a bug in the API which causes the mechanism to hang. Seguno set up a solution to ensure, at minimum, you receive the number of codes requested. The extra codes are valid for the discount set and can be used or deleted at your discretion.

Received fewer codes than requested

Two common issues prevent code sets from properly generating:

  1. The code length is too short: If the code is too short, a banner will appear at the top of the discount page. To correct this issue, increase the code length.

  2. The shop has exceeded the 20M code limit: To correct this issue, delete old or unused discounts.

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