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Create and manage a discount set
Create and manage a discount set

Create, view, and export discount codes.

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When creating a discount set, there is no limit to how many codes you can create with Bulk Discount Code Generator. You can either have the app generate unlimited unique codes or upload up to 20,000 specific codes at a time to be imported. The generator provides a number of settings to allow customization of the codes, including a proprietary purifier feature to ensure no undesirable words end up in your codes.

Create a discount set

To create a discount set:

  1. Click Create discount set.

  2. Edit the discount settings.

    1. If you want Seguno to generate unique codes, in the Discount set section, select Generate random codes.

    2. If you want to import a list of codes, in the Discount set section, select Provide specific codes.

  3. Verify your discount settings in the summary.

  4. Click Save.

Once you create a discount set, Seguno will inform you of the import progress with an import badge located on the dashboard.

discount set importing status

View codes

All discount sets created in Bulk Discount Code Generator will show in your Shopify Discounts.

To view codes in a discount set:

  1. Hover over the discount set you’d like to view, click View discount.

  2. In the Discount code card, click View all codes.

Add more codes to a discount set

To add codes to a discount set:

  1. Open Bulk Discount Code Generator.

  2. Hover over the discount set you’d like to edit, click Add codes.

  3. The discount details form will automatically be set to reflect your most recent choices. Edit any of the code details, and click Save.

How many codes can I create?

There is no limit to how many codes you can create with Bulk Discount Code Generator, but there are several best practices to keep in mind and avoid time-consuming issues.

  • Each Shopify shop has a 20,000,000 discount code limit, including all codes with Active, Scheduled, or Expired status.

  • Be sure your code length setting has enough values for the requested number of unique codes, i.e., you cannot generate 10,000 unique codes if the code length is only one digit.

For generated discount sets, there's no limit to how many codes you can generate at a time. There's a limit of 20,000 codes per import for importing specific codes to a discount set. Once a discount set of this type is done importing, you may add additional codes in increments of 20,000.

Note: The Delete set action will remove the discount set from your list in the Bulk app but does not delete the discount or codes from your Shopify admin to maintain your discount code functionality and reporting. If you want to delete the codes so they no longer function, you may do so from the Shopify admin, but not within the Bulk app.

Export codes

Discount sets may be exported after the full code set has been generated and imported to Bulk Discount Code Generator. After importing your codes, you may export the discount code set directly in Bulk Discount Code Generator or through the Shopify Discounts admin.

To export codes from within Bulk Discount Code Generator:

  1. Hover over the discount set, and click Export codes.

  2. Once the Export queued badge has been removed, hover over the discount set, and click Download codes.

Export filenames are based on the discount set name and export request date. Files are formatted as a CSV with column headers for the code and the number of times an individual code is used. Once generated, the downloadable file is available and securely stored via the app in your Shopify Admin.

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