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Use discounts with Seguno Popups & Forms
Use discounts with Seguno Popups & Forms

Add a discount to a popup or form.

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Offer customers an incentive through your popups and forms. There are three methods for sharing a discount code with your new subscribers.

Automatically apply a discount at checkout

Offering your new subscriber the option to click button that applies their discount to their cart increases the likelihood that they will complete their first purchase during this session. This discount will be applied at checkout when customers use this link.

To offer a discount at checkout through a button:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, navigate to the Discounts page and select the Discount.

  2. From the Promote dropdown, select Get shareable link.

  3. Click Copy link.

  4. In Seguno Popups & Forms, open the popup or form.

  5. In the final step of the popup or form design, click Add section, then Button.

  6. In the button link textbox, paste the discount link.

Note: Unique discount codes can not be added to a popup or form through the button.

Share a unique code through an email

Sharing your discount code through email will ensure valid email addresses are used for signup. Placing the discount in an email also ensures your new subscriber engages right away and gets them used to seeing your emails in their inbox.

To send a unique code via email after popup or form submission:

  1. Create a customer-tagged automation.

  2. In the popup or form rich text section, alert the customer the discount will be delivered by email.

    add discount details

Share a generic code

The simplest way to distribute the discount is to share the general code directly on the popup confirmation screen.

To add a generic code to a popup or form:

  1. Create a discount in Shopify

  2. Copy the discount code

  3. In the popup or form, add a rich text section

  4. Paste the discount code within the text

paste the discount code within the text

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