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Getting Started with Product Reviews
Add the Product Review sections to your OS 2.0 theme
Add the Product Review sections to your OS 2.0 theme
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Reviews will be collected and shown on your Online Store. Add the Seguno Reviews app blocks when customizing the Products page through your theme editor.

Product rating

The product rating shows the average rating of the reviews for the product. We recommend placing it below your product's title and above the product price.

Review list

The review list section will allow you to both collect and display your actual product reviews. We recommend placing below other product details and above any other recommended product sections or other content not specific to this product.

Other sections

Your product ratings will be automatically shared with your product metafields to display from the collection list or other pages that are configured to show product rating.

If you would like to collect reviews for customer service, but not show them on your site, you may use the "Write review button" section instead of the "Review list" section.

Additional sections will be added over time. Please contact Seguno's support team if you have feedback or a specific review section you'd like to suggest.

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