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Importing your previous product reviews
Importing your previous product reviews
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Migrating from Shopify Product Reviews

If you are migrating from Shopify Product Reviews to Seguno Reviews, you may import your previous reviews into your new review platform.

  1. Open your Shopify Product Reviews app.

  2. Navigate to Settings.

  3. Click Export. Depending on the number of reviews you have collected, a CSV file may either download immediately or be delivered to your owner's email address after a brief processing time.

The exported file is properly formatted to import directly to Seguno.

  1. Open your Seguno Reviews.

  2. Navigate to the Reviews tab.

  3. Click "Import reviews" and upload the CSV exported from Shopify Product Reviews. The import will automatically detect the file format to import all eligible reviews and will use the data in each review to retroactively verify the purchase.

Seguno will use the published state of your previous reviews, so only your approved reviews will be shown after import.

Errors while importing from Shopify Product Reviews

If your previous reviews do not include all required files, they may not be able to be migrated. The following attributes are required by Seguno, but may not have been required based on your previous configuration:

  • product_handle

  • rating

  • title

  • email

  • body

If you are receiving errors while importing reviews and believe your reviews have all the required fields, please contact Seguno's support team for assistance.

Importing from other review platforms

Seguno's import function is currently restricted to Shopify Product reviews to help users migrate before it is removed on May 6, 2024.

Other import sources will be supported over time. Contact Seguno's support team for more immediate assistance.

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