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Customize your Product Review settings
Customize your Product Review settings
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If you are new to Seguno Reviews, customizing your settings may make maintaining your newly submitted reviews much simplier.

Configure automatic Publishing settings

Your app may be configured to automatically publish your best reviews without you needing to check them manually.

If you receive a bad review, you can reply directly to the customer or reply to the review to address the concern. We recommend replying to all reviews to improve your customer's experience and increase customer loyalty and promotion.

To comply with FCC's stated best-practices and requirements, any review that has been confirmed by the reviewer via email will be automatically published within 14 days, unless you unpublish it.

If you decide not to automatically publish any of your new product reviews, you may set up a Shopify Flow to notify you or someone on your team of all new submissions.

Email sending for confirmation and update requests

Seguno Reviews automatically sends a confirmation email to all new reviewers. This is a best practice to improve review quality and comply with the FCC's guidelines.

When a new review is submitted, the confirmation email will be sent to the author's email address. Confirming the review is not required for you to publish the review. Confirmed reviews will automatically publish after 14 days unless you unpublish them.

Occasionally, you may receive a bad review. When it happens, we recommend you reach out to the customer as quickly as possible to address their concern and improve their experience. If you have fully addressed the customer's concern and feel they may want to update their review positively, you may send them an update request by going to their review in your Reviews tab, and selecting "Request review update."

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