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Send an internal notification for new reviews
Send an internal notification for new reviews
Updated over a week ago

Using the free Shopify Flow app, you may send an internal notification email to alert you when a new review has been submitted.

  1. Open the Flow app.

  2. Create a new workflow and choose "Select a trigger" to start.

  3. From the Seguno Reviews listing, select "Product review submitted."

  4. Connect an action and choose "Send internal email" from the Flow listing.

  5. Configure the internal notification email, adding the review variables if you would like to include review details for the notification.

Example internal email:


A new {{productReview.rating}} product rating has been submitted


{{}} has submitted a {{productReview.rating}} rating for {{productReview.productId}}. Manage this review in Seguno Reviews.

Flow may also be used to trigger events in other apps, such as a loyalty points app, by using the "Product review published" trigger.

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