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View your discount codes
View your discount codes

How can I view my discount codes?

Updated over a week ago

Once your codes have been generated and imported, you may view them in your Shopify Discounts or through the Bulk Discount Code Generator.

To view codes in a discount set:

  1. Hover over the discount set you’d like to view, click View discount.

    1. At this point, you will be taken to your Shopify Discounts and into that discount set.

  2. In the Discount code card, click View all codes.

Shopify will display 50 codes per page view, but you may also search or export your discount set from Shopify. If you are exporting your codes, we strongly recommend you use the export function through the app for improved performance and reliability.

Note: In some instances, you may be taken to a "Page Not Found" error. This issue is tied to authentication when moving between Shopify and other apps. It is easily resolved by refreshing your page or navigating directly to the Discounts tab of your Shopify admin.

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