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Combine discounts and discount types
Combine discounts and discount types

Allow customers to apply multiple discounts to the same order.

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For promotion strategies that combine an order, shipping, or product discount, allow discount combinations to give your customers the best discount based on their cart.

Apply multiple discounts to the same order

From the discount details in Shopify, you can allow discount codes to be combined with other codes on the same order. Each discount code is created under the following classes: order, product, or shipping. For each discount, you can choose to let a discount be combined with one or multiple classes of discounts.

To let a discount combine with other discounts:

  1. Create the discount set in Bulk Discount Code Bot.

  2. Hover over the discount name and select Go to Discount.

  3. In the Combinations card, select the discount classes to allow combining discounts.

discount combination preferences

Create a multi-type discount

There may be times when you want to offer both a product and a shipping discount within the same code. Shopify's discount settings do not allow creating codes that contain multiple types of discounts in the same discount code. To ensure your customers get the best possible discount, allow discount combinations.

To allow your customers to apply multiple product, shipping, or order discounts to the same order:

  1. Create two discounts in Bulk Discount Code Bot (ex: a 10% off shirts discount and a free shipping discount.)

  2. Navigate to the discounts in your Shopify Discounts page.

  3. In the combinations card, allow the discounts to be combined with other discount types by selecting the checkbox.

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