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Create a Back in Stock Automation on a legacy theme
Create a Back in Stock Automation on a legacy theme

Add the Back in Stock form to a Legacy Theme.

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If you are interested in using the Back In Stock automation and form on a legacy theme, it is strongly recommended that you work with a theme developer to install the snippet and ensure the form renders correctly. Incorrect installation may cause issues with your site. Seguno is not responsible for errors from customizing theme code.

Seguno's Back In Stock automation uses an App Section to simplify the form installation and styling for all Shopify Online Store 2.0 themes.

Install the Back in Stock form on a Legacy Theme

  1. Create a new Snippet in your theme code and name it "seguno-back-in-stock.liquid"

    1. Copy and paste the snippet code from the file link titled 'seguno-back-in-stock_snippet.' seguno-back-in-stock_snippet.txt

      1. Please note that you may customize the form style through the available attributes or add custom CSS in the available input.

      2. As a default, the snippet is set with TEST_MODE = true. This allows you to test the form placement on your live theme without revealing it to your shoppers. After testing and customization are complete, you must update this value to false.

  2. Determine where on your product page you'd like the form to load and insert the snippet.

    1. Each theme is different, but you will typically place the form on the product-template.liquid section by adding { %render 'seguno-back-in-stock'} in the desired location.

    2. This step requires familiarity with your theme code, as the product-template.liquid template may not be the correct place to render the snippet and you may have to trace the product details to the correct theme file. We typically recommend adding the form above the add to cart buttons and near the variant selector to increase visibility for shoppers. Please note you may not load the BIS form inside another form.

  3. Once you've placed the form, test it on your site by navigating to an out of stock product/variant on the storefront and adding the URL parameter bis-test=true to reveal the form.

    1. If your form is not loading properly, use the developer tools to determine the error and adjust form placement. Please note that errors in your seguno-back-in-stock snippet's styling may prevent the form from loading.

  4. Customize the form's styling, and then update the TEST-MODE attribute to false. Return to the testing product and remove the test URL parameter to confirm the form loads as expected.

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