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Activate a popup on your site
Activate a popup on your site

Customize the trigger settings and activate your popup. Set the priority structure for multiple popups.

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Activate one or multiple popups from your popup list or popup details page. Launch multiple popups to give your shoppers a tailored, informed experience to grow your marketing list and increase your site's conversion rate.

Once a popup is dismissed, it will not show again for that shopper unless they clear their site cookies or use a different device. If a shopper clicks through to your site from an email sent by Seguno Email Marketing, no email collection popups will display during that session.

Note: Before activating a popup, you must enable the theme app embed on your store.

Activate a popup

To activate a popup:

  1. Navigate to the Popups page.

  2. From the Popups list, select the popup you want to activate.

  3. Optional: Edit the trigger, active dates, pages, languages, and tags.

  4. Click the toggle ON to activate the popup.

Popup activation settings


Trigger settings control when the popup launches on your site. Seguno supports the following primary display triggers, with options for supporting thresholds based on time and additional page views.

For popups with a form submission, shoppers will not see similar popups after converting. If a shopper closes or declines a popup, they will not see that specific popup again for at least 90 days.

  • Visits a page - the standard for collecting email signups or making an announcement on your site.

  • Scrolls down - requires the visitor to browse a percentage of the page to show a level of interest and not startle them with a popup. Best used for subscription-focused popups. It is recommended that you do not use a time-based delay with this display trigger type.

  • Attempts to exit a page - the exit-intent popup is excellent for last chance offers to try and engage with prospects before they leave. Use this option for trying to convert the new shopper through your email or SMS marketing.

  • Any device - the popup will display across all devices. Any device is the default setting when creating a popup.

  • Mobile phone - the popup will only display on mobile devices.

  • Desktop or tablet - the popup will only display on desktops and tablets.

Additional support thresholds give you more control based on your display trigger type. These display thresholds must be satisfied before the popup displays unless set to zero.

  • Wait for X seconds - requires the viewer to be on that page for a minimum time before the popup launches. The classic delay trigger, with the best practice setting typically ranging from 5-10 seconds. However, each site experience is unique, and the delay should be adjusted over time.

  • Additional page views - gives your shopper unlimited time on their first landing page and then uses the time-based trigger settings after viewing the required additional number of pages. Additional page views are cumulative across multiple visits with the same browser or device.

Note: Email subscription popups will not display if the shopper visits your site through a link from Seguno Email Marketing.

Active dates

Set start and end dates on your popup for time-based events. Dates and times are based on your Shopify account timezone.

Note: The active dates will determine when an active popup is published to your site. If the popup is activated but outside of the active date ranges, the popup will not show on your site until the active date arrives.

Including or excluding pages

Setting an include page will only permit the popup to trigger on that page, while additional trigger requirements may be met throughout the site. Excluding specific pages can help limit distractions for shoppers by keeping your popup restricted to only relevant pages.

To exclude all pages following a specific path, add an asterisk to the end of the URL path to denote a wildcard. This will include or exclude all pages that use the URL path proceeding the asterisk.

exclude all pages following a specific path


For shops that have multiple languages on their storefront, create a translated version of each popup.

By default, popups will be active for all languages. To configure language targeting, select and add the intended languages, and the popup will only display on storefronts that match those locales.

Popups will also capture the current store language when a contact subscribes so that you can send your newsletters in different languages through Seguno: Email Marketing.


Seguno Popups & Form automatically tags all new subscribers for email and SMS signups. By default, Seguno adds the tag "seguno-popups" to all popup and form subscribers, along with "seguno-popups-email" and/or "seguno-popups-sms" based on the subscription type. Additional tags may be added to simplify sorting and segmentation based on the specific signup forms.

Set priority for multiple popups

Popups will display a maximum of one popup per page. Setting your popup priority determines which popup will launch first for your shoppers.

To set your popup priority:

  1. Navigate to the Popups page.

  2. Click Change priority.

    change popup priority
  3. Use the drag handles to reorder the popup priority.

    drag handles
  4. Click Save.

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