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Test your popup or form on your site
Test your popup or form on your site

Troubleshoot a popup or form not showing up on your site.

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Once active, you can test a popup or form and the form submission on your site. If the popup or form is not showing as expected, follow these troubleshooting steps.

Test the popup or form and form submission on your site

We strongly recommend visiting your site from an incognito window or clearing your browser cookies before testing. This will give you a clean slate for testing and may resurface any other popups or widgets you've added to your site. It's important to see how many widgets and prompts new shoppers would see and optimize the shop's experience accordingly.

Troubleshooting a popup or form

If your popup or form is not showing up, try these three steps:

  • Confirm the app embed is enabled on your active theme.

  • Clear your site cookies.

  • Double-check your trigger settings and ensure you are giving the popup or form enough time to show on your site.

Still not seeing your popup or form? Reach out to Seguno support.

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