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Add an embedded form to your online store
Add an embedded form to your online store

Add a static sign-up form to any page on your online store.

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Grow your list and collect valuable customer data with Forms. Customize the form to collect information that is relevant to your business and start sending more targeted emails to your subscribers.

About Forms

Forms are used to grow your list and collect information about your customers. Forms can be customized in the Seguno Popups & Forms app, then added to your online store through your theme editor. Once they are added to your store, they are active and watching for new subscribers.

Create a form

To create a form:

  1. Navigate to the Forms tab of your Seguno Popups & Forms app.

  2. Click Create form.

  3. Select a template.

  4. Enter a title in the Title textfield, click Create form.

  5. Edit the form.

  6. Click Save.

  7. Click Back to form to return to the Form details page.

  8. Optional: Edit the form tag.

    1. By default, all subscribers are tagged with “Newsletter” when they subscribe.

    2. On the Form details page, in the Tag section, click Edit.

    3. Enter the tag(s) in the Tag subscribers with textfield, click Save.

Add a form to your online store

To add a form to your online store:

  1. Navigate to the Forms tab of your Seguno Popups & Forms app.

  2. Select the form you want to add.

  3. Click Copy form ID.

  4. From your Shopify admin, navigate to your theme editor and select the page that you want to embed the form on.

  5. Click Add Section.

  6. In the Apps tab, select Embedded form by Seguno.

  7. Paste the corresponding form ID into the Form ID textfield in your online store.

View reporting

Form reporting includes two main metrics, impressions and conversions. Impressions are measured by the number of times a form has been viewed by your shoppers. Conversions are tracked when a shopper completes the submission. Seguno also tracks email and SMS subscriber growth.

To view a form report:

  1. Navigate to the Forms page.

  2. Select the form.

  3. On the Form details page, view the impressions, conversions, and conversion rate.

  4. For a more detailed report, click the Actions dropdown, select View report.

You can also access all form reports from the Reports page. By default, the Reports page will show aggregated reporting for all popups and forms. To select a specific form, click the Filter by dropdown and select the form.


If you are not able to load a form on your online store, check the below troubleshooting steps. If you are still having issues, please reach out to Seguno Support.

  • Confirm the Popup App Embed by Seguno is turned ON for your live theme. To turn on the App embed, go to your live theme, select the App embeds icon, toggle ON the Popup app embed by Seguno.

  • Confirm you are on a paid plan with Seguno, or you’re in your trial period. Forms is a paid feature in Seguno. If you are on a free plan, you will need to start a free trial or upgrade your plan to use Forms.

  • If you saved an updated a form in Seguno and have the theme editor open, refresh the theme editor to update the form to reflect the most recent changes. Forms may be locally cached, requiring a refresh or viewing in an incognito window for testing.

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