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Using a background image in email
Using a background image in email

Add an image to the background of an email.

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Background images fill in the available margin space behind the email content. Using a background image can add style and make your email stand out in a crowded inbox.

Adding a background image

Depending on the email client and recipient's device, the background image will stretch to fit the available space based on the length of the email and the width of the screen size. This image should not include a primary feature or marketing content as it is not guaranteed to show for every recipient. We recommend selecting a background image that includes brand colors, patterns, or design elements.

To add a background image:

  • Open the Editor for a newsletter or automation email.

  • Click Theme settings.

  • Click Background image.

  • Click Select image.

  • Choose an image and click Select.

Image requirements and formatting

Tile image

As a default, the image will be stretched to fit the available space based on the length of the email and the width of the screen size. To avoid stretching the image, use image tiling. Selecting Tile image allows you to display the image at the original size and have it repeat for the remaining length of the email.

Tip: Tiling an image works best for patterns.

When Tile image is not selected, the background image stretches to cover all the available margin space. Depending on the size of the image, the image may be blurry when stretched.

non-tiled image

With the Tile image button selected, the image is repeated. Now, the image shows in its original size and clarity.

tiled image

Image size

To avoid blurry or pixelated images, we recommend using larger image sizes, such as 2000px, while keeping file size below 1MB to avoid slower load times for the background compared to the email content.

On smaller devices and most mobile devices, the email body will adjust to fit the screen width and no background image will show.


GIF images may not be animated for some email clients such as Outlook, and may display only the first frame of the GIF. We recommend always testing your emails with multiple devices and email clients.

Note: Since the background image is assigned to your theme, you'll need to change your theme if you'd like to use different background images between your newsletters and automations. Learn more about changing your theme.

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