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Best practices for using images in email
Best practices for using images in email

Image size and format recommendations.

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Use the following guidelines to ensure your images are clear across email clients. These guidelines balance optimal image resolution with email load speed. You may choose to use wider or smaller images as needed. Larger images may load more slowly, while smaller images may appear pixelated or blurry in extreme cases.

Note: These guidelines are built on best practices for all receiving email clients. In certain cases and for certain apps, images may be altered by the receiving inbox. Some email apps, such as Outlook for Windows, may have unique image rendering issues and ignore image metadata. Reach out to Seguno Support if you need assistance with your images.

Images in email

Pixel width: It is recommended to upload an image at a minimum of 2X the size of the maximum load width.

  • Since the email canvas width in Seguno is 600px, for full-width images, upload files at a minimum of 1200px wide.

  • For multi-column sections, upload files at a minimum of 600px wide. It is recommended to upload images at a minimum of 600px for a 2-column, 3-column, or 4-column section, as some images may stack vertically when optimized for mobile devices.

File size: Keep images under 5MB to avoid an image being blocked by email clients.

GIFs: Keep GIFS under 1.5MB to avoid frozen images.

Background images

The background image fills in the available margin space behind the email content.

Pixel width: Background images should be uploaded at a minimum of 2000px wide.

File size: Keep images under 1MB to avoid slow email load speeds.

Product images

Upload all product images at a minimum size of 600px for all dimensions. It is recommended to upload all images at the same size for consistent clarity and cropping.

Crop to fit function: The Product list section includes an option to "Crop image to fit". This feature will resize the image to 600x600px. If your product or collection image is not square with this feature enabled, the original product image has at least one dimension that is less than 600px. To fix this issue, upload a product or collection image to Shopify that is a minimum of 600px on all sides.

Image corners

Three styling options are available for image corners. Add an image section and select your image source. Choose which corner style you'd like to use from the section settings. Square corners are set as the default for all images.

Image corner styling is not supported by all email clients, including Outlook, GMX, and Images will default to square corners if delivered to an unsupported email client.

Image with text overlay section

Seguno does not modify image files for your email sections with the exception of the Image with Text Overlay section. To load the optional text and button over your image, this image may be altered and potentially compressed.

The Image with Text Overlay section offers 5 size options. These sizes refer to the amount of padding added to your image height after adding the text and button context to the image.

Image with text overlay padding options:

  • Extra Small adds 25px of vertical padding to the image beyond the content

  • Small adds 50px of vertical padding to the image beyond the content

  • Medium adds 100px of vertical padding to the image beyond the content

  • Large adds 150 px of vertical padding to the image beyond the content

  • Extra Large adds 200px of vertical padding to the image beyond the content

Gallery section

The Gallery section offers 5 image height options. The image width is based on the number of columns in the section (600px wide in a single column, 300px wide in two-column, 200px wide in three-column, or 150px wide in four-column.)

Gallery image height options:

  • Extra Small is 100px tall

  • Small is 150px tall

  • Medium is 200px tall

  • Large is 250px tall

  • Extra Large is 300px tall

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