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Add a video or TikTok to an email
Add a video or TikTok to an email

Using the video section in the editor.

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The Video section is designed to support sharing your rich video content through your email with a clear call to action. Add the public-share URL for your video source, and Seguno will automatically bring in the video thumbnail, add watermarks for the video source, and hyperlink the thumbnail directly to the video.

The following video sources are currently supported:

  • Youtube

  • Vimeo

  • TikTok

To add a video to an email:

  1. Copy the public video URL.

  2. Open the Editor.

  3. Click Add section.

  4. Select Video.

  5. Click Select video.

  6. Paste the video URL in the Paste video URL text field.

  7. Click Select video.

Need help getting your video to load? Take a look at our troubleshooting steps.

Note: Seguno supports public and unlisted videos on Youtube. Private videos on Youtube are not supported.

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