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Tools to grow your subscriber list
Tools to grow your subscriber list

Collect customer information by adding tools to your website.

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Healthy, organic list growth is key to your long-term success with email marketing. Make the most of your paid ads and SEO work by converting more anonymous shoppers into subscribed prospects with these tools.

Apps, connections and forms

There are many tools to collect subscriber information available on the Shopify App Store. When choosing an app it is important to ensure the app updates the Customer record and sets the Accepts email marketing attribute. As long as the app updates the Custom record, Seguno will automatically add those subscribers to your email lists.

Looking for a place to start? Below is a list of recommended tools.


A popup can be an effective tool to collect email or SMS signups. Popups are used to make announcements, guide shoppers, and grow subscriber lists.

Recommended App: Seguno: Popups integrates seamlessly with your Shopify Customers and Seguno: Email marketing for newsletters and automations.

Tip: Be considerate of overwhelming new shoppers with multiple notifications when they first arrive at your site. Having browser-based push notifications, support chat, social proof banners, and a pop-up all launch as soon as a shopper starts browsing can create confusion.

Website banners

A persistent banner creates an easy-to-use sign-up form that doesn't interrupt the shopping experience. As the shopper engages with your site, they will have the option to opt in at any time through the banner.

Recommended App: Seguno's Dynamic Banner Suite is available FREE to all Seguno users. As a bonus, Seguno's Dynamic Banner Suite can also be used to encourage larger shopping carts and make site announcements.

Facebook Leads connection

Connect with your Facebook business page to sync new subscribers from your active Lead Ads, maximizing the return on your advertising budget. Seguno automatically creates new subscribers in your Shopify account as your prospects sign up. Connect Facebook Leads to Seguno.

Newsletter form

If you would like to have a page on your site dedicated to collecting subscribers, you can add the Newsletter form to your site menu. Access the form in your Seguno Settings and copy the landing page URL. In your Online Store, add an option to the menu of your choice and paste the form URL. Learn more.

Tip: If you have non-Shopify sources for collecting sign-ups, such as a third-party Point-of-Sale or collecting subscribers at a popup market, be sure to integrate those directly with Shopify if possible. If automated integration is not possible, be sure to import your new subscribers promptly.

Set up your Shopify theme for opt-ins

There are two main ways to collect subscribers using your Shopify theme. If you need assistance completing the steps below, refer to Shopify's help center topic or reach out to Shopify's Support team. Your site design and subscriber strategy are specific to you - so enable and customize these to your preference.

To add a newsletter signup to the footer:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, navigate to the Themes page.

  2. Click Customize.

  3. Under the Sections panel, select Footer.

  4. Check the box for "Show newsletter signup".

  5. Optional: Depending on your theme, you can update the copy for this signup by going to the Theme actions and selecting Edit Languages. If you're using Shopify's Debut theme, it will be in the General section under the Newsletter form.

To add a newsletter signup to the checkout:

  1. From your Shopify Admin, navigate to Settings.

  2. Click Checkout.

  3. In the Marketing options section, select the checkbox for Email.

  4. Optional: If you'd like to modify the language for this option, click Customize sign-up labels in the Marketing options section.

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