Edit and customize an automation

Understand and customize the components of an automation.

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An automation is an individual or series of emails sent to an individual subscriber based on specific trigger actions (ex: date, event, subscriber activity). Automations enable you to automatically send emails to individual customers when they perform specific actions or events.

Follow each section below to set up an automation.

Add an email to an automation

To add an email to an automation, click Add email. When you add an email, the last email in the series is duplicated to give you a relevant starting point.

Edit an email within an automation

Click on the email preview to customize the email content. Alternatively, you can click the Actions dropdown and select Customize.

Edit the email delay

Timing for each email is based on completing the previous step. Set the delay for each email by clicking on the delay link.

Edit the start and end criteria

Each automation has start and end criteria that relate to the specific automation. For certain automations, there are additional options for the start and end criteria.

To edit the start and end card, click Edit. Select your preferred changes and click Save.

Activate the automation

Once you activate an automation, new qualifying events will trigger the automation for subscribers.

To activate an automation, click the toggle switch ON in the Automation card.

To pause an automation, click the toggle switch OFF in the Automation card.

While the automation is paused, you can edit the Start card to continue the automation for any subscribers who are currently in the automation series.

To keep the automation active while you edit an email within the series, click the toggle switch OFF for the email within the email list.

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