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Create a welcome automation with a discount
Create a welcome automation with a discount

Customize the welcome automation and add a discount.

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The welcome automation is used to introduce your brand, set expectations for your email marketing messages, and thank customers for subscribing. The automation triggers immediately after a contact becomes a new subscriber.

Seguno gets you started with pre-built automation flows. To set up the automation, customize the email and turn on the automation. To customize the automation further, edit the start and end cards or add a discount.

Understanding automation series

The Welcome Automation comes pre-built with a three-email series. Depending on your welcome strategy, you can activate one or multiple emails in the series.

To enable or disable emails within the series, select the toggle on the email card.

Learn more about multi-email automations.

Customize the Welcome Automation

To customize an email in the welcome automation:

  1. Navigate to the Automations page

  2. In the Subscriber activity automations, select Welcome

  3. Click the Actions dropdown, select Customize

  4. Customize the email, click Save, click Back

Learn more about using the Editor.

Activate the Automation

To activate an Automation, use the toggle switch on the Automation summary card. Once activated, new qualifying events will trigger the automation for subscribers.

Edit the Start and End card

Start card

The Start card outlines the qualifying action or event for the subscribers to start the Automation or Series. Click Edit to view sending options. The sending options are specific to each automation.

End card

The End card will outline the qualifying action or event that will end the Automation for a subscriber. Depending on the type of automation, additional options for end criteria may be available. If available, click Edit to view other end criteria options.

Add a discount to the Welcome Automation

To add a discount to the Welcome Automation:

  1. Create a discount in Shopify.

    1. From your Shopify Admin, navigate to the Discounts page

    2. Click Create discount

    3. Select the Discount type

    4. Edit the discount details, click Save

  2. Navigate to the Welcome automation in Seguno.

  3. In the email card, click the Actions dropdown.

  4. Select Edit discount.

  5. Select Share the same code with all recipients or Generate a unique code for each recipient.

  6. In the Discount code textfield, type in the discount title that you created in Shopify

  7. Click Save.

If there are multiple emails in the automation, the discount will need to be assigned to each email in the series. You can apply the same discount or different discounts to each email within the series.

Note: If the same discount is included in multiple emails in a series, each recipient's unique code will remain the same throughout the series, and the discount expiration date will be based on when that code was first delivered to the recipient.

Warning: Codes are only deleted if they are not used prior to the end date. To avoid codes being used multiple times, do not set an end date but set a usage limit on the Discount in your Shopify admin

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