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Create an abandoned checkout automation
Create an abandoned checkout automation

Understand the components of the abandoned checkout automation.

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This automation is sent to subscribers who abandoned a checkout cart. The email contains the cart contents with call-to-actions to encourage a purchase. Typically, the Abandoned checkout automation has one of the top conversion rates of any automated email.

Set up the abandoned checkout automation

To set up the abandoned checkout automation:

  1. Navigate to the Automations page.

  2. In the Commerce activity section, select Abandoned checkout.

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How is the abandoned checkout triggered?

Shoppers trigger your abandoned checkout automation when they have items in their cart, begin the checkout process, and progress beyond the shipping address stage of the checkout flow. The recipients are identified by the email address entered in the address details or from their customer profile if logged into an account.

Tip: While using Seguno's Abandoned Checkout automation, we recommend you turn off Shopify's Abandoned Checkout notifications to avoid sending duplicate emails.

Who can receive the abandoned checkout emails?

By default, abandoned checkout automations are only sent to subscribed contacts as marketing emails. However, since your shoppers have started the checkout process, the first email of the automation can be configured to send to all shoppers and be considered a transactional email. Remember to check your local laws to ensure compliance.

To send the first email as transactional:

  1. Open the Abandoned Checkout automation.

  2. In the Start card, click Edit.

  3. Select Approve first email as transactional.

  4. Click Save.

Recipients who have not subscribed to email marketing but receive transactional abandoned checkout emails will have the option to unsubscribe from receiving any transactional abandoned checkout emails in the future. Subscribed contacts will receive this email normally and can receive any additional emails in the series as long as they remain subscribed.

Note: If a contact unsubscribes from transactional abandoned checkout emails and then subscribes to your email marketing, the transactional unsubscribe status is reset.

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