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Connect a customer-tagged automation to popups
Connect a customer-tagged automation to popups

Send an email to subscribers based on popup tags.

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For a more tailored experience, create a customer-tagged automation for popup subscribers. Customer-tagged automations are commonly used for popups related to a specific event or interest-based popups.

Connect a customer-tagged automation to Seguno: Popups

To connect a customer-tagged automation to a popup:

  1. Open Seguno: Popups > Popups.

  2. Create a popup.

  3. Open Seguno: Email Marketing > Automations.

  4. In the trigger settings, select the customer tag associated with the popup.

    select a customer tag
  5. Activate the customer-tagged automation and popup.

Add a popup-specific tag

When creating a popup, you can apply a tag to all subscribers who complete the call-to-action.

  1. Open Seguno: Popups > Popups

  2. Select the popup design

  3. Click Edit in the Tags Section

    edit popup tags
  4. Add a unique tag to be applied to all popup subscribers

  5. Click Save

Add a choice list-specific tag

Adding a choice list to a popup allows you to tag subscribers based on their interests. Within the forms section, add a dropdown to the popup and add unique tags to each choice option.


  • I have a welcome automation and customer-tagged automation active. Should I send my subscribers both automations?: Customer-tagged automations are triggered when the selected tag is added to a subscriber. If the popup is targeting new subscribers, you may skip sending the regular welcome automation email and replace it with the customer-tagged automation. To skip it, select “Skip sending the welcome automation email” in the trigger settings of the customer-tagged automation.

  • I’m not using Seguno: Popups. Can I connect the customer-tagged automation to my popup app?: As long as your popup app allows you to tag subscribers and updates your Shopify Customers, you can easily send a customer-tagged automation. Enjoying the Seguno: Email Marketing experience? Seguno: Popups uses the same easy-to-use interface and works seamlessly across platforms. Create and manage high-performing popups in Shopify with Seguno: Popups.

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