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Set up the Postscript connection
Set up the Postscript connection

Connect Seguno Email Marketing to Postscript Popups

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The Postscript Connection makes it easy to connect your Postscript popup submissions and Seguno email subscribers. Once the Postscript connection is installed, Seguno will receive notifications whenever an email is collected via Postscript popups on your storefront. Email subscribers will be imported as customers in Shopify and trigger any corresponding marketing automations in Seguno.

Tip: Use this connection in combination with the Postscript connection in Seguno Popups & Forms to create a seamless experience for your customers who opt-in to SMS, email, or both.

Setup the Postscript Connection

To connect Seguno: Email Marketing to Postscript popups:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard

  2. From the Connections card, under the Postscript SMS Marketing connection, click Connect

  3. In the Private API Key text field, paste the Private API Key from Postscript

    1. To find your API Key, click on the API settings link to be taken to Postscript

  4. Click Connect

Subscriber details and tags

When an email is captured through a Postscript popup, Seguno will create the customer in Shopify and subscribe them to marketing emails. If the email is already in Shopify, the email will be updated and the customer will be marked as subscribed.

Subscriber tags

When a new email is captured, the customer will be tagged with “postscript-connection” in Shopify. If the email is already in Shopify, Seguno will apply the “postscript-connection” tag.

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