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Create a review request automation
Create a review request automation

Send review requests to email subscribers.

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The Review request automation sends a message to subscribers who recently had an order fulfilled and directs them back to your site, where they can leave a review through your review app. This automation is an easy way to solicit more reviews and increase your social proof. The automation timing should be based on the expected shipping timeframe plus the time for the customer to use the product.

Note: Seguno Email is designed to work alongside a review application for capturing reviews, which we also happen to offer and is free for paid Email customers: Seguno Product Reviews.

To edit and activate the Review request automation:

  1. Install a review app. Seguno does not interact directly with the review app, so any review app works with the automation.

  2. Navigate to the Automations page and select the Review request automation.

  3. Click on the email preview.

  4. Select the Review request section and update the anchor tag.

    1. The following are the default values for the most popular review apps on the app store.

      • Seguno Product Reviews: once connected, we take care of it automatically, and this anchor field will be hidden.

      • Shopify Product Reviews: shopify-product-reviews

      • judgeme_product_reviews

      • stamped-main-widget

      • Loox: looxReviews

      If you are using a different product review app or find the above value does not work, please reach out to our support team, and we will help find a custom solution for you.

To exclude products from triggering the Review request automation:

  1. Navigate to the Products page in your Shopify Admin

  2. Select the product you want to exclude

  3. In the Product organization card, in the Tags section, add the tag skip-review-request-email

  4. Click Save

Warning: If your review app sends review request emails, we recommend turning it off to avoid sending duplicate review requests.

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