Why are my automations not sending?

Troubleshoot issues with automation sending.

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Automations send to each subscriber when they take certain actions and meet certain qualifications. When you're automation is active, but not sending, there are a few things to check.

  • Is this contact subscribed, and were they subscribed when they would've triggered the automated email?

    • Only subscribed customers are eligible to receive newsletters and automation emails. If they were not subscribed, they would not have been eligible to receive the email.

  • Has this contact previously unsubscribed and then resubscribed?

    • If so, they would not trigger the Welcome or Coming Soon automation when they resubscribed.

  • Did this customer have an exclusion tag on their customer record?

    • If the automation is configured to exclude customers with certain tags on their record, they would be skipped and removed from the automation or series.

  • Was the automation active before the subscriber triggered the automation?

    • Automations are not retroactive, so they will only send to subscribers who qualify while the automation is active.

More specifically, I'm having trouble with my...

  • Coming soon - The Coming Soon automation only sends while your store is in the pre-launch or password-protected state. Subscribers will only receive the automation one time in their customer history. If you're testing your site before launching, use unique email addresses for testing.

  • Welcome - The Welcome automation only sends if your site is live and not in the pre-launch or password-protected state. If the customer has already received the Welcome automation once in their history, they will not receive it a second time. If you're testing sign-up forms, use unique email addresses for each one.

  • Abandoned checkout - Seguno emails are only sent to customers who have provided permission for marketing. This means that in order to receive the abandoned checkout email, the customer must be subscribed before they abandoned their cart in the checkout process.

  • Tag-triggered automation - In order to receive a tag-triggered automation, the customer must be subscribed before the tag is applied to their customer record.

  • 3rd party subscription app - Seguno uses Shopify's subscription status to identify eligible recipients and as a potential trigger for the Coming Soon and Welcome automations. If you're using a 3rd party Pop-up, make sure that the new customers are immediately updated to "subscribed" on their customer record.

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