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Create a product purchased automation
Create a product purchased automation

Trigger emails based on product order status.

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Product purchased automations send your subscribed customers an email after their order is created or fulfilled. This automation is triggered based on specific products being purchased.

Create a Product purchased automation

To apply a customer tag to trigger the Customer tagged automation:

  1. Navigate to the Automations page.

  2. In the Product purchased section, click Create automation.

  3. In The order is section, select the automation to trigger based on the creation of an order or when the order is fulfilled.

  4. In The order contains section, select the product or collection.

    1. The purchase of a specific product or a product within the collection will trigger the automation.

  5. The Delay before sending section is based on when the order is created or fulfilled, depending on your selection.

Tip: Set the delay to correspond with the content of the email. For example, if you're sending install instructions, the email should be timed to arrive approximately at the same time the product is expected to be delivered.

Start and End criteria for Product purchased automations

Start card

Edit the trigger event or product/collection at any time in the Start card. To edit the start criteria, click Edit.

End card

By default, the end card is set to end the automation for a subscriber once any line item is returned, an exclusion tag is added, or all emails have been sent. Click Edit to view additional options.

Tip: If the intent of the post-purchase email is to encourage a purchase of related products, we recommend selecting the option in the End card to End when a subscriber places an order.


  • Does the customer have to be subscribed to receive the Product purchased automation?

    • Yes, the customer must be a subscriber in order to receive the email.

  • Will the automation send if a product in the order is returned?

    • No, if any items in the order are returned, the subscriber is longer eligible to continue in the automation.

  • Can I utilize this feature as a free Seguno user?

    • This is a paid feature, but free users can upgrade early to start a free trial and gain access to this feature immediately.

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