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Premium features in Seguno: Email Marketing
Premium features in Seguno: Email Marketing

Paid features are included for paying Seguno users.

Updated over a week ago

Paid users have access to premium features in Seguno Email Marketing. Free users can access paid features through the 10-day free trial.

Premium features

All paid users have access to all premium features.

Premium features include:



Trigger an email to your subscribed customers after their order is created or fulfilled containing a specific product or a product from a specific collection.

Multi-email automated series

Add multiple emails to an automation series.

Trigger an email whenever a particular tag is added to a subscriber's customer profile in Shopify.

Trigger an email to your subscribed customers after an order is fulfilled and ask them to leave a review for recently purchased products.

Send subscribers restock alerts when products become available for purchase.

Browse and Cart abandonment automation actions

Send abandoned cart and browse automation emails using the Shopify workflow templates.

Automatically resend your email to the contacts who did not open the initial send, giving your content a second chance to make an impression.

Premium email sections

Countdown, Flipbook, Video, Signature

Send a Seguno marketing email within Shopify marketing automations.

Remove the Seguno logo from the email footer.

Seguno-designed templates from the Template Store

Use all the designer templates for free.

Enhanced reporting (currently in Beta)

Dig into your data, compare date ranges, and make data-driven decisions using the new reporting features.

Get Seguno Popups & Forms unlimited plan for FREE

Get Seguno Product Reviews for FREE

Accessing premium features for free users

When trying to access a paid feature, free users (fewer than 250 subscribers) will be asked if they want to start a free trial to gain access immediately.

Note: You will not be charged for starting a trial. Charges must be accepted before the trial ends to avoid losing access to paid features. If charges are not accepted before the trial ends, and your shop is eligible for the free tier, your shop will automatically be downgraded until charges are accepted.

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