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View current subscribers and subscriber profiles
View current subscribers and subscriber profiles

Find your current subscriber count.

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Seguno uses your existing customers in Shopify to manage subscribers. Customers with the accepts marketing attribute set are considered subscribers and able to receive marketing emails through Seguno.

Current subscribers count

Easily check your current subscriber count on your Seguno Dashboard.

To view current subscriber count:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.

  2. In the Current subscribers card, you can quickly view your current subscriber count.

    current subscriber chart

Subscriber list report

Seguno provides reporting on subscriber count over time.

To view your subscriber list report:

  1. Navigate to the Dashboard.

  2. Click View report in the Current subscribers card.

    view subscriber report

The subscriber list report shows list count gains and losses in the Subscriber growth bar graph. Hover over the bar graph to view the exact number of gains and losses.

View subscriber list trends in the Subscriber count line graph. Hover over the line to view the exact number of subscribers at each time point.

The report shows the current subscribers count and a list of recent subscribers.

Subscriber profiles

Subscriber profiles show engagement information for an individual subscriber. The subscriber profile will show the customer's subscription details, active discount codes sent through Seguno emails, email metric summary, and a detailed timeline of email engagement. The subscriber profile will be available for all of your Shopify Customers, regardless of their current subscription status.

To view a subscriber profile in Seguno:

  • Open the subscriber report or any email report.

  • Whenever you see a list of subscribers in Seguno, clicking on the name will take you to the subscriber profile.

subscriber profile example

Tip: From your Newsletter or Automations Details Page, select one of the email engagement metrics to see a list of the subscribers associated with each activity.

Seguno's integration with Shopify allows you to view subscriber profiles from within Shopify.

To view a subscriber profile from Shopify:

  1. Navigate to the Customers page in your Shopify Admin.

  2. Select the customers name.

  3. Click the More actions dropdown.

  4. Select View subscriber profile.

    view subscriber profile

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