Send an email using customer segments

Use Shopify segments to send an email to specific groups of subscribers.

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The integration between Seguno and Shopify enables you to use your Shopify segments to send a newsletter to specific customers. Segments are used to categorize customers who have similar characteristics or have taken the same actions.

Segment customers in Shopify

Segments apply filters to your Customers to create a dynamic group. As new customers qualify for the filters, they'll be automatically added to the segment.

Segments can leverage data from both the customer record and order history. If your shop has made over 100 sales, Shopify's Predicted Spend Tiers will be available for your segment filters. Use Shopify's reference guide for a complete walk-through of all available segment filters.

To view Shopify segment templates:

  1. From your Shopify admin, go to Customers.

  2. Click Templates.

    Shopify customer segment templates

Note: When creating a segment in Shopify, you do not need to add a filter for [email_subscription_status = 'SUBSCRIBED']. Seguno will only send to customers who have accepted marketing. However, not including the subscription status filter may result in your delivered email count being different from the total segment count.

Send an email to your target segment in Seguno

Choosing segments to include or exclude when sending an email in Seguno is done by editing the Recipients.

To send an email using segments:

  1. From the Newsletter detail page, click Edit in the Recipients section.

  2. To send the email to specific segments, select Subscribers within specific segments.

  3. Select one or multiple segments from the search bar.

  4. To exclude specific segments from receiving the email, select Exclude customers within specific segments.

  5. Select one or multiple segments from the search bar.

  6. Click Save.

Note: If a customer is part of multiple segments, Seguno will only email that customer once. If a customer is included in both the segment intended to receive the email and an excluded segment, Seguno will not send the email to that customer.

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