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What is the Flipbook section?
What is the Flipbook section?

Using the Flipbook section in an email.

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The Flipbook section is a premium section used to showcase customized content in the form of a Flipbook or moving slideshow. The Flipbook section turns multiple static images into a looping GIF.

To add a Flipbook section:

  1. Open the Editor.

  2. Click Add section.

  3. Select Flipbook.

  4. Adjust the design details (width, corners, delay).

  5. Click Add content.

    add content to the flipbook section
  6. Select an image or select a design in Canva.

  7. Repeat steps 5-6 for all images.

  8. Preview the Flipbook in the editor.

    flipbook example


  • The Flipbook will not display in some versions of Microsoft Outlook as not all versions support GIFs. In those instances, only the first image in your Flipbook will display.

  • Images that are not the same size will be automatically cropped and centered.

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