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Edit the countdown section in email
Edit the countdown section in email

Using the countdown section in an email.

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The countdown is a premium section that can be used to create a sense of urgency for your customers. The countdown is a live feature that will update in real-time as your customers open the email.

Add a countdown section

To add a Countdown section:

  1. Open the Editor.

  2. Click Add section.

  3. Select Countdown.

  4. Add a title in the headline text field to introduce the topic of the countdown.

  5. Select the end date.

    1. Use the discount end date: If you are offering customers a discount that has an end date configured, you can set the countdown to correspond with the discount expiration. Seguno automatically reads the expiration date set for the discount and updates the countdown in real time. For automation emails that have a discount end date assigned in Seguno, the countdown will start based on when the email is sent.

    2. Choose a specific date: Specify a specific end date and time. A specific date deadline is commonly used for special release dates or events.

  6. Optional: edit the additional customization options.

Edit the default text in the countdown section

The countdown section contains default text for labels (days, hours, minutes) and the end date (Time runs out on {{ date }}).

To edit the default text in the countdown section:

  1. Navigate to Settings

  2. In the Localization section, click Edit languages

    edit languages
  3. Select Editor sections

    edit the editor sections
  4. Fill any text field in the Countdown section to replace the default text

  5. Click Save

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