Create and manage a campaign

Send a coordinated multi-email campaign.

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A campaign is a group of newsletters with a central theme, consistent styling, and aggregated reporting. Multi-newsletter campaigns work together to tell a collaborative story while driving a subscriber to a specific action (i.e., purchase or sign-up for an event).

Create a campaign

Campaign templates contain multiple newsletters with pre-designed layouts. All newsletters within a campaign template share consistent styling and a central theme.

To create a campaign:

  1. Navigate to the Newsletters page.

  2. Click Campaigns.

  3. Click Create campaign.

  4. Select None (empty).

  5. Fill in the Name textfield.

  6. Click Create campaign.

Campaign timeline

The campaign timeline shows the scheduled newsletter sends.

To schedule a newsletter:

  1. Open the Campaign.

  2. Click Schedule.

  3. Enter the Subject and Preview text.

  4. Edit the Date and Time.

  5. Click Continue.

  6. Review the delivery details, click Schedule Delivery.

  7. Continue steps 2-6 for all newsletters within the campaign.

Modify a newsletter in a campaign

All newsletters within a campaign can be individually customized, including recipients and discounts.

To modify recipients and discounts:

  1. Open the Campaign.

  2. Click View.

  3. On the Newsletter detail page, edit the recipients, discounts.

  4. To customize the content of a newsletter, click Customize.

To customize a newsletter:

  1. Open the Campaign.

  2. Click the newsletter preview.

Campaign reporting

View reports for the entire campaign or individual newsletters. Aggregated reporting summarizes the performance of all the newsletters in a campaign.

To view the campaign aggregated report:

  1. Navigate to the Newsletters page.

  2. Select the Campaigns tab.

  3. Select the Campaign.

  4. At the top of the Campaign details page, view the aggregated reporting.

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