Remail a newsletter to non-openers

Automatically resend an email to subscribers who have not opened the email.

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Remailing is the process of resending a newsletter to subscribers that did not open the initial send. Remailing is a premium feature that gives your content a second chance to be seen by subscribers.

Scheduling a remail

You can schedule a remail to send automatically when scheduling the initial newsletter send or manually after the newsletter has been sent. Scheduling a remail after you've sent the newsletter requires additional steps but offers more customization options, including editing the content of the email and changing the delivery time.

To schedule a remail when scheduling the initial newsletter delivery:

  1. Navigate to the Newsletter details page.

  2. In the Schedule section, click Edit.

  3. Select Automatically remail non-openers.

    automatically remail non-openers checkbox
  4. Hold and drag the delay bar to adjust the remail delay.

  5. Edit the Subject and Preview text.

  6. Click Continue.

  7. Review the delivery details, click Schedule delivery.

To schedule remail manually:

  1. Navigate to the Newsletter details page for any sent newsletter.

  2. In the Schedule section, click Remail non-openers.

  3. Edit the Title (internal only), Subject, and Preview text.

  4. Click Create newsletter.

  5. Seguno automatically creates a new newsletter for the remail with recipients set to send to non-openers only.

  6. Optional: To customize the remail, click Customize.

  7. To send the remail, click Send now.

  8. To schedule the remail send, click Edit.

  9. Edit the Date and Time.

  10. Click Continue.

  11. Review the delivery details, click Schedule delivery.


  • What happens if my email contains live content?: If your email contains live content, such as a Recent Blog Posts section or a featured collection based on "new arrivals", then the content for that section will be refreshed before the remail is sent. The refresh may result in some content changing in your remail from your initial email. If you do not wish for any content to be refreshed, you use a static section, such as Featured Blog Posts and Product Lists, for the examples above.

  • Will the remail contain the same discount code?: If you include a discount in the email, the remail will automatically include the exact same discount code as long as it has not expired. If the discount has expired, the discount, and any discount callout sections, will be removed from the remail.

  • How many days after the initial send should I schedule the remail?: The recommended remail delay is 1-3 days.

  • Should I set a remail for every newsletter I send?: We do not recommend remailing every newsletter. If you have a higher sending frequency, remailing could result in unsubscribes or complaints due to the high frequency and repetitive emails. Monitor your remailed newsletters for an increase in unsubscribe and complaint rates. If you start to see an increase, adjust your strategy accordingly.

  • Do I need to update the Subject and Preview text for every remail?: We recommend creating a new Subject and Preview text for each remail. The recipient either missed the email or was not enticed to open it. Adjusting the Subject and Preview text gives you another opportunity to catch the recipient's attention.

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