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Create a blog post announcement automation
Create a blog post announcement automation

Trigger emails to send when a new blog is posted.

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Keep your subscribers updated on recent blog posts with the blog post announcement automation. This automation triggers when a new blog is added to your Shopify blog.

Create a Blog announcement automation

To apply a customer tag to trigger the Customer tagged automation:

  1. Navigate to the Automations page.

  2. In the Blog post announcement section, click Customize.

    1. The main content for this automation template is the Recent blog posts section. This section will be populated with the most recent blog post when the automation is triggered.

  3. Click Save, and click the Back button.

  4. In the Blog post announcement section, click Enable.

  5. Adjust the time of day that you want the announcement to be sent.

Once enabled, the automation will check each day to see if you've published a blog post within the last 24 hours. If a blog post qualifies, the automation will send the blog announcement as a newsletter to your full subscriber list.

Edit the Subject line and Preview text for the Blog post announcement automation

The default subject line for a Blog Post Announcement is "New on our blog". The preview text will be the title of your new blog post and can not be edited.

To customize the subject line:

  1. Navigate to your Settings page.

  2. In the Localization section, click Edit languages.

  3. Select the Blog post published tab.

  4. In the Subject section, fill in the text field with the new subject line.

  5. Click Save.

Tip: The subject line will be the same each time the automaton is triggered. Avoid including specific dates, events, or blog titles in the subject line.

Excluding blog posts from the Blog post announcement automation

Specific blog posts can be excluded from the automation announcement and the recent blog post sections in emails.

To exclude blog posts from triggering the automation, add the tag "exclude-from-email" to the specific blog post before publishing the blog.

Note: If you remove the exclusions tag and would like Seguno to send an automatic announcement email, you will need to update the visibility date of the blog post to today's date, as the automation looks for visibility dates within the last 24hrs to determine which posts to announce.

Review your sent blog post announcements

All sent blog post announcement automation emails can be found on your Newsletters page. The newsletter name will follow the format, "Blog post announcement YYYY-MM-DD", where the date is the date the announcement newsletter was sent.

From here, you have the option to remail the announcement email or review the email report in Seguno.

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