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Understand email metrics and reporting
Understand email metrics and reporting

Reporting metrics and definitions list.

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There are several metrics to track the effectiveness and health of your email program. Seguno automatically tracks all sales attributed to your email marketing, allowing you to see the bottom-line impact of your marketing efforts.

Metrics and definitions

Performance metrics

  • Open Rate - The percentage of delivered emails that were opened by your subscribers.

  • Click Rate - The percentage of delivered emails that subscribers opened and clicked on any link inside of the email. This does not include clicks on the unsubscribe link.

  • Sales - The total revenue of sales generated by the email and the number of orders placed. When a subscriber clicks through a Seguno email and places an order within 5 days of receiving the email, it will be recorded as a sale attributed to email marketing.

Engagement metrics

  • Conversion rate - The percentage of subscribers that made a purchase attributed to email marketing.

  • Average order value - The average dollar amount of each order that was attributed to email marketing.

  • Average products sold - The average number of products sold per order that was attributed to email marketing.

  • First-time customers - The number of subscribers that placed their first order with your store.

Deliverability metrics

  • Delivery Rate - The percentage of sent emails accepted by the inbox providers and not returned as a hard or soft bounce. It does not guarantee inbox placement.

  • Unsubscribe Rate - The percentage of subscribers that chose to no longer receive emails from you as determined by their clicking of the unsubscribe button at the bottom, the optional unsubscribe link at the top, or some inbox providers provide a link to unsubscribe outside (the option to unsubscribe is mandatory) in your email footer. An unsubscribe rate of about 1% is nothing to be concerned about. Our Spam Protect system will unsubscribe bots and fake emails, but we encourage you to clean your list of inactive subscribers as they will hurt your deliverability and open rates.

  • Complaint Rate - Also known as a "Spam Complaint", this stat refers to the number of times your email has been flagged as spam. An acceptable rate is 0.1% or lower, that’s 1 for every 1,000 emails sent.

  • Bounce Rate - A "bounce" occurs when emails cannot be delivered to email addresses and the percentage of emails in a mailing list that did not receive the email campaign is the "bounce rate." Try to keep your bounce rate at 5% or less to maintain good deliverability status.


  • How is email revenue calculated?
    Seguno records an order as email revenue (also known as a conversion) when a customer places an order within 5 days of clicking through an email to your site. If a customer has clicked through multiple emails within the last 5 days, the revenue is attributed to the most recently clicked email. In some instances, a customer may convert from one email multiple times.

  • Is this accurate?
    We believe analytics should give you a realistic look at your business and use industry-wide best practices for click-based attribution and a 5-day window. Your email revenue in Seguno does not leverage partial attribution, so there may be some slight differences between reliable conversion tracking models.

  • These numbers don't look right compared to my previous email provider. Why?
    If you're coming from another email platform, check your previous provider's conversion attribution settings to compare like-for-like metrics. Some platforms use different attribution windows or events (such as opens), which may overstate their impact compared to Seguno, Shopify, and other analytics platforms, such as Google Analytics.

  • How does Seguno track these orders without cookies or scripts on my site?
    Seguno's integration with your Shopify admin links your customers' last order details with their most recent email activity. This approach ensures your site stays fast and your data stays accurate, with Shopify as the source of truth for orders - keeping unreliable scripts, tracking pixels, and cookies out of the equation. It also allows cross-device conversions to be tracked (where a customer may have clicked your email on one device and then completed the order from another device.

  • Can I configure my conversion settings?
    Seguno's conversion settings follow industry-accepted best practices for the click-based 5-day conversion window. If you have specific needs for a different attribution window or conversion event, don't hesitate to contact Seguno Support to help us understand your needs.

  • How can I improve my conversion rates and revenue?
    Our team has a ton of resources to help you build your email program into a revenue-generating machine by focusing on critical components such as list growth, contact engagement, email design, automations that convert, and so much more. Contact support and let us help you generate more ROI!

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