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View Seguno metrics in Shopify
View Seguno metrics in Shopify

View Shopify channel reports.

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Shopify offers channel reporting based on your UTM parameters and connected apps. View Seguno metrics in Shopify through channel reports.

Shopify channel reports

Shopify and Seguno reporting may vary slightly due to the reporting calculations. Both reports offer insight into email performance and conversions.

To view Seguno metrics in Shopify:

  1. Navigate to the Marketing page in your Shopify Admin.

  2. In the Top channel performance card, click Seguno.

    Seguno metrics in Shopify
  3. Select the campaign.

    Seguno campaign metrics in Shopify
  4. View the Shopify metrics attributed to the Seguno email.

Note: By default, the channel report filter is set to 30 days. To view a larger date range, adjust the date filter.

Tracking parameters for analytics

Seguno automatically appends three tracking parameters (UTMs) to all links to allow you to track these events in Shopify analytics and in your third-party analytic platforms (such as Google Analytics.)

  • utm_campaign=Shopify's unique ID to track marketing event attribution

  • utm_source=seguno

  • utm_medium=email

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