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Preview the conditional content
Preview the conditional content

View dynamic content in templates.

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Templates are customizable layouts that can be used to create newsletters. On the Templates page, you will see multiple template options. Click on a template to preview the design layout and view conditional content.

Conditional content is sections of your email that may be included or excluded for recipients based on eligibility.

The following sections may be impacted by conditional content:

  • Discount banner

  • Discount callout

  • Countdown timer (when linked to the discount expiration date)

  • Product prices in featured product and product list sections

To view how an email will appear for discount-eligible and ineligible customers:

  1. Navigate to the Templates page.

  2. Select a template.

  3. Click the Conditional content drop-down.

  4. Select the checkbox Preview with a discount to view the conditional content.

preview conditional content

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