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Manage and edit your shared theme
Manage and edit your shared theme

Managing and editing your shared themes.

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Your shared theme consists of the header, footer, and all theme settings (such as font, colors, and button styles) found within the email editor. By default, all newsletters, automation emails, and starter templates use your shared theme, making email creation faster with consistent styling.

Setting up your shared theme

When you create your first newsletter or customize your first template, Seguno will save the theme settings to your shared theme. Once saved, each newsletter or automation email will default to using the shared theme.

To edit your shared theme:

  1. Create a newsletter or customize any automation or template to edit the content.

  2. While editing the content, click the Theme settings tab.

  3. All changes to the sections under Theme settings will be saved to your shared theme.

Editing your shared theme

Making changes to the theme settings for any newsletter, automation email, or template that is using the shared theme will automatically update your shared theme. If you want to make changes to sections in your theme settings but do not want to update your shared theme, you can disable your shared theme.

Disabling your shared theme

Changing your theme to Not shared allows you to make changes to the sections of your theme settings without those changes being saved to your shared theme. For example, if you want to change the background image for a New Year's email but you do not want that background image to save to your shared theme, you can change your theme to Not shared.

To change your theme to Not shared:

  1. Open the Editor

  2. Click the Actions dropdown

  3. Select Change theme

  4. Select Not shared

  5. Click Save

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