Replace Kit's thank you notification

Create a "thank you note" style email in Seguno.

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Replace the Shopify Kit app "thank you" email notification with Seguno's New purchaser and Repeat purchaser automations. The New purchaser automation sends to subscribed customers after their first purchase, while the Repeat purchaser automation sends to subscribed customers after their second purchase.

To replace Kit's "thank you note" style:

  1. Navigate to the Automations page.

  2. Select the New purchaser or Repeat Purchaser automation.

  3. Click the email preview or in the Actions dropdown, select Customize.

  4. In the Editor, click Actions dropdown, select Change theme.

    1. By default, Seguno emails use a shared theme across your newsletters, including the navigation menu, header, and footer, so changes to these sections are reflected across all other automations and future newsletters. Since "thank you" style emails are generally very different from an action-oriented promotion, we recommend changing your theme to not shared.

  5. Select Not shared.

  6. Click Theme settings.

  7. Click Header.

  8. Remove the navigation bar and any other header design elements.

  9. Click Sections.

  10. Click Add section.

  11. Select Rich text.

  12. Edit the Heading and Text.

    1. Optional: to include the subscriber's first name in the heading, click the personalization icon.

KIT replacement email example

Note: While Kit emails were sent to all customers regardless of subscription status, Seguno emails are only sent to subscribed customers. This means your subscribers have given permission for you to email them beyond just standard transactional notifications. Configure your checkout opt-in to encourage subscription.

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