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Review and edit account settings
Review and edit account settings

Update your account settings in Seguno: Email Marketing.

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Seguno settings contain required information about your shop and options for customization and branding. Get an overview of each section and recommendations for best practices.


The sending section contains the company information a recipient sees when an email arrives. Seguno automatically pulls your account details from Shopify when you install the app, but you can update the information anytime.

From name

The "From name" is displayed in the receiving inbox and should match your shop's name. Using a misleading or unrecognizable From name will likely result in spam complaints. If you'd like to take a more personal approach, you may choose to use something with a persona such as "Mikey from Goonies Shop," but be sure to note the relation to the brand name.

From email

  • If you're using as your authenticating domain, your brand name should be in the From email, as the from domain will not match your brand. As a default, all email sent by Seguno is authenticated by with the recipient domains.

  • If you've set up your own custom domain for your shop, you can use that domain to authenticate your email. By authenticating your domain, you build your sender reputation and potentially improve your email placement. With this in place, you can update this to be the same as your Reply email. Learn more about authenticating your domain.

Reply email

Use a monitored email address, as many recipients will respond with inquiries, such as a request to unsubscribe. We do not recommend using a "no-reply" address for the reply email. Using a "no-reply" address can increase spam reports and customer complaints.

Test email recipients

Add up to three team member email addresses to the test email recipients. If you are the only person in your email marketing team, consider setting up email addresses for the main email providers, such as Gmail, Microsoft, and, for more testing insight.

Company details

Company name and address

Marketing emails are required by anti-spam laws to include a mailing address. A PO Box is acceptable if you do not have a physical location or address you'd like to share.

Customer service phone

If applicable, add a customer service phone number to the text field. Seguno will add an easy call option to your footer, which can be disabled or enabled within the editor.

show customer service phone checkbox


Default language

The default language will translate the phrases automatically added to your emails, such as your discount description, unsubscribe action, etc. While one language is set as your default, having multiple languages allows you to create language-specific versions of your newsletters quickly.

Time format

The time format will mainly be used to show expiration dates for your subscribers. Use a timezone format that is familiar to your audience to avoid confusion.


Seguno builds two pages within your site to help interact with subscribers. A Newsletter signup form, also known as a landing page, to help collect new subscribers, and an Unsubscribe landing page, to confirm when a subscriber has unsubscribed from an email while encouraging them to revisit your shop.


View your current charge at any time in the Billing section.

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