Send and schedule a newsletter

How to send a newsletter to subscribers in Seguno.

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Once you've created a newsletter, you're next step is to edit the recipients and schedule the send.

Edit recipients

Newsletters can be sent to your entire subscriber list, or specific segments of customers.

To edit recipients, navigate to the Newsletters Details Page and click Edit in the Recipients section.

edit newsletter recipients

As a default, Seguno will send your Newsletter to all eligible subscribers, unless they are currently in an automation flow. If your newsletter is not intended for all subscribers, you can target segments or exclude segments. You can also choose to include subscribers that are currently in an automation flow.

Note: If a subscriber is in more than one selected group, they will be sent only one copy of your Newsletter. If a subscriber is in both a targeted group and an exclusion group, they will not be sent the newsletter.

Schedule an email send

To send the newsletter immediately, click the Send now button in the Schedule card.

schedule an email send

To schedule the newsletter to send at a specific time:

  1. Select Edit in the Schedule card.

    schedule an email send for a future date

  2. Adjust the date and time.

  3. Optional: Click the checkbox to automatically remail non-openers.

  4. Click Continue.

  5. Review the details and click Schedule delivery.

Note: If you are sending your first newsletter after authenticating your domain, there will be a banner at the top of the page about our throttling process. The domain warming process protects your credibility as a sender. Learn more about the domain warming process.

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