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Add the Shopify POS integration
Add the Shopify POS integration

Apply an active discount code from Seguno email to an in-store purchase.

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Connect your email efforts and in-store experience by checking for available discounts you've shared with your customers through your Seguno emails. With the Shopify POS integration, you can look up a customer's email activity and copy a recently received discount code to apply to their in-store purchase. If the shopper is not subscribed to marketing emails, the integration allows you to sign them up through the POS app.

Add Seguno to your POS

Add the Seguno tile to your POS home screen in order to view discount codes and sign-up customers for email marketing.

To add Seguno to your POS:

  1. Tap on the Add tile button.

    add tile on POS
  2. Select App.

    select app on POS
  3. Select Seguno: Email Marketing.

    select Seguno: Email Marketing
  4. In the Actions section, click Add.

    select the Seguno: Email Marketing action
  5. Tap Done.

Grow your subscriber list with POS

To sign-up an in-store customer for marketing emails:

  1. Add the customer to the cart.

    1. If the customer already has a record with your shop, you can add them by searching their name or email address and selecting them from the search results. If they have not shopped with you before, you can add them by using the Add new customer option.

  2. If the customer agrees to sign-up for marketing emails, toggle ON Accepts Marketing.

    accepts marketing customer option

Warning: In order to subscribe a customer, you must ask if they want to receive emails, and the customer must agree. Do not subscribe a customer if you did not explicitly ask if they want to subscribe or if they decline. Subscribing customers without consent will damage your reputation as a sender and increase spam complaints.

Apply an active discount code to an in-store purchase

Shoppers with an active discount code can apply that discount code without having to scroll through their inbox. This integration allows you to search for active codes and apply them to in-store purchases.

To search for and apply an active discount code:

  1. In the POS, click on the Seguno View subscriber profile action.

    Seguno: Email Marketing in POS
  2. Search for the customer by name or email address.

  3. From their Seguno subscriber profile, you will see the Recent discounts panel. You can tap the more actions menu on the discount you want to apply and select Copy discount code to save it to your clipboard.

    view recent discounts on POS
  4. Close the subscriber profile to return to the POS main menu. There are two ways to apply the code to the cart: you can use the Apply discount action from the POS dashboard; or use the More actions menu to apply the discount when viewing the cart summary.

    more actions button
  5. Select the Discount code type and paste the code from your clipboard. Tap Save to apply the code.

    apply a discount to cart

Note: The above instructions are for the newest version of Shopify POS. If you're still using Shopify POS Classic, the action is located here on the Cart page:

Shopify POS classic image

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