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Understanding email errors and email clipping
Understanding email errors and email clipping

Why am I receiving a notification that my email is too long?

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Seguno actively works to protect your sending status through built-in best practices and education. Email length can have an impact on spam complaints due to email clipping. Seguno will notify you if you are approaching the limit and when your email will be clipped.

What is email clipping?

Google Mail, aka Gmail, "clips" email content larger than 102KB. This means Gmail will hide email content beyond 102KB behind a "view entire message" link.

How does this email clipping affect spam complaints?

Email footers are required to have an unsubscribe button. When an email is clipped, the unsubscribe button is one of the first things to be hidden. Having the unsubscribe button hidden can lead to higher spam complaints because people have to take an extra step to figure out how to unsubscribe.

Too many spam complaints will get your Seguno subscription suspended. This is another reason we also have the optional unsubscribe button/link at the top of your newsletter or automation email.

Seguno clipping notifications

Clipping notifications will show at the top of the Editor. Seguno will notify you when you approach 102KB with a message stating, "The content of this email is starting to get long." Seguno will also notify you when you have exceeded 102KB with a message saying, "This email is too long; remove unnecessary content."

clipping notification warning
clipping notification announcement

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