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How does Apple's MPP impact my email marketing?
How does Apple's MPP impact my email marketing?
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Apple's iOS15 has caused some concerns for email marketers due to the new Mail Privacy Protection feature included as part of their enhanced user privacy features. While change can cause some uncertainty, Seguno is here to help you understand what this means for your email marketing program.

  • What's new with iOS 15 that's causing this concern?

    • Apple's new iOS15 is the first software update to include the new Mail Privacy Protection for the Apple Mail app. This feature will impact the reliability of all email marketing methods of tracking who opens your emails. Apple plans to include this feature for all new software updates (including iOS, iPadOS, macOS, and WatchOS) and is expected to have a significant adoption rate.

  • Which of my subscribers will be impacted?

    • Only subscribers using Apple Mail with MPP will be impacted. Many industry experts expect this to account for roughly 50% of all active email addresses. Recipients will continue to receive and see your emails as they are now, but MPP will block open tracking and may mask IPEach email list will be affected differently, but you should expect to see some changes in your email metrics.

  • How does this impact my email metrics?

    • Your email open rates will show signs of artificially increasing correlating to the number of Apple Mail users on your list. Seguno's click rate will remain accurate as it is based on total clicks divided by total deliveries. You can use this as a proxy metric for increasing/decreasing open rates, assuming your email design stays consistent.

  • Will this impact Seguno emails?

    • Features that use open rates to determine the recipients will be affected. Remails will be sent to fewer contacts but will still be a proven strategy for increasing your email ROI. Automated Discount reminders will be sent to more subscribers as it will appear that more recipients saw the discount initially. However, your automation already has protections built-in that will keep you from over-sending to those contacts.

  • How do I know who's engaged or non-engaged on my email list?

    • While your reported open rate will become less accurate, your email's click rate will still be correct. Seguno will always help you evaluate any unengaged contacts for cleaning and has always used a holistic view of your subscribers to determine who we recommend cleaning from your list or who is still a valuable prospect or engaged contact.

  • So what do I need to do differently?

    • Nothing, just keep following email best practices.

  • What will Seguno do to help me?

    • We will continue to stay on the front edge of this change by evaluating all metrics to help create a more holistic view of email engagement. Of course, please feel free to contact Seguno support with any questions or concerns you have.

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